Tips for Entertainers

Tips from Experienced Entertainers to New Entertainers

  • Register your business, insure your business and get a police check.
  • When first starting out, don't over buy supplies, get what you need and buy as you go along. In no time you will build a fantastic assortment of supplies.
  • Don't buy cheap products, it will make you look cheap and you also get what you pay for. The product is likely not up to the best quality standards.
  • For twisty balloons, I suggest only buying Qualatex products, don't use dollar store balloons.
  • Face paint products that I think are the best would be Tag, Wolfe and Mehron. There are others, however I find these really work great for their quality.
  • Always ensure that your attire is clean and neat. Also remember that you are entertaining children, keep your attire proper for children. *Believe me I have seen some entertainers not dress properly.
  • Create a website that is easy to use for your customers. Include pictures on your site. Pictures really do sell your work for you.
  • Find local jams in your area. These jams offer great ideas for entertainers. Learn balloon twisting, face painting, magic tricks, juggling and more. You also get to meet other entertainers and have fun!

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