Monday, November 25, 2013

Online exposure for your kids party business

You have a children's entertainment business, now you need customers to find you. Years ago it was all about advertising on flyers and in local phone books, however today has changed to an internet world. My best advice is to create a website and you can do this with little or no money. You can find free website builders that are great for starting out your business.

Some free website providers include, and there are many others, these two listed are easy for beginners. Another great way for exposure is to create a facebook page for your business, sign up for a twitter account, get a google+ page and there are many other social networks that you can join. By creating these social accounts you will be able to tell customers, friends and families what is going on with your business. Soon you will see everyone is sharing your information and you are getting new business. Also listing your website on local directories is a great idea. Some directories where you can advertise your business are,, and many others. Some directories offer free listings and some offer paid. If you want your business to be found, listing your business on great sites will get you exposure. You can also ask me to add a listing for you on this website, simply fill out our contact form located on the right.

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