Monday, November 25, 2013

Is children's entertainment the right business for you?

Do you want to get into the kids party entertainment business, but not one hundred percent sure this is right for you? I have hired and trained many people and they found that this was not for them, however not all found it to be this way. Many of the people that I have trained are still entertaining children and they enjoy it. You really need to enjoy spending time with children and the children have to be your first priority at the party or event.

If children annoy you and you don't have patience, this career will not be good for you. If you are thinking of getting into this business for the money, again this career is not for you. Yes the money is fantastic, however being in this industry simply for the money will not work. Your clients will see this and may never book you again. I have created much success from having repeat clients that really enjoy my services. I firmly believe that having repeat business is what really keeps our business going. Please understand it does take a few years to create your repeat clients. A really great idea to get things started off for you is to watch some videos on You Tube. Watch videos of magicians, face painters, balloon twisters and just see if you think you can do this. Also watching videos on You Tube will also play a big role in upgrading your skills any time in your career. There are so many tutorials, I will upload some later. Another huge factor to consider is this career is on weekends, are you ready to give up your weekends? I have taken only 2 weekends off in the last ten years. I will be back later with more details.

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