Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Face painters, wondering where to buy supplies and learn new ideas?

Are you a face painter or do you want to become one? Either way you will fall in love with a great website that I use too. The website is full of amazing products and great tips. You can find a video corner on their website that teaches new and current face painters great ideas for face painting. I believe every face painter should know about this company.

The company that I am talking about is Silly Farm Supplies. They sell face and body paint, paint brushes, airbrush tattoo supplies, glitter, sponges, split cakes and a variety of other supplies for face painters and entertainers. Silly Farm also sells fantastic books and instructional dvd's, perfect learning tools. The videos in their video corner are free to watch and you will love the designs that are shown how to do. Learn neat tips and tricks. visit www.sillyfarm.com and have fun shopping, exploring and learning.

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